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CQ Tech Company Achieve The Strategic Cooperation 

With  Kazakhstan Economic & Trade Delegation



          On the occasion of the 122nd session of the The China Import & Export Fair, Kazakhstan Economic & Trade Delegation , nearly 200 people, invited by CQ Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., attend the meeting as the theme was "leveraging along the way to build cooperation and win-win cooperation" on October 25 in Guangzhou Jiahong Ramada Plaza Hotel Floor of the International Conference Hall. 

          Vice President of CQ company Zhu Xiao An, general manager of marketing center Zhao Qi, overseas marketing director Amy and other senior leaders and Kazakhstan delegation conducted a deep communication.  At the same time, at the event site also exhibited the launch of the technology AWOW smart micro-investment, tablet PCs, notebook computers and other products, by the Kazakhstan delegation's attention. Members of the delegation around the product, the scene to experience the product, and have expressed the intention of cooperation, hoping to create a technology products into their own domestic, to bring their own domestic people better products and more convenient and quick user experience, The people's living standards. And have on China's advanced manufacturing technology, product development and advanced technology and technology that admiration for the creation of technology products, user experience, portable operation, cost-effective praise!

Zhao Qi, general manager of the creation of science and technology marketing center at the fair published "leveraging the way all the way to create a win-win cooperation," the keynote speech, on behalf of the founder of science and technology on Kazakhstan's economic and trade delegation to express their warm welcome. 微信图片_20171103104926.jpgHe from the "one way along the" strategic significance, to bring the opportunity to create a technology company and other aspects of the elaboration, and said that with the "one way along the" east wind, and Kazakhstan Economic and Trade Group enterprises to reach a deep relationship of cooperation and common development of the market.Kazakhstan is located in central Asia, is the world's largest landlocked countries, adjacent to the western region of China, is an important country in Central Asia. In recent years, Kazakhstan has developed rapidly and the people's living standards have improved steadily. Under the high priority and leadership of the governments of China and Kazakhstan, the strategic partnership between the two countries has witnessed steady development in recent years. The economic and trade cooperation between the two countries has been strengthened and further promoted the implementation of Kazakhstan's development strategy. China and Kazakhstan are complementary in their resources, geographically adjacent and developing economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, which is of great significance to both sides. The Kazakhstan economic and trade delegation in the relevant departments of government departments under the arrangements and coordination, made a special mission to come to Guangzhou to participate in the Canton Fair, made a special trip to start cooperation with science and technology, is the Sino-Kazakh relations to further deepen the performance, but also the strategic trade between the two countries The concrete implementation of the partnership.Founded in Guangzhou as a high-tech enterprise, with Guangzhou headquarters (including production base), Shenzhen R & D center and overseas marketing and manufacturing base in Hubei three major strategic base in the manufacturing, product development, OEM production and other fields 


have a unique The products are also exported to Europe, the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania and other regions, in the consumer electronics products, mobile communications products have a certain market influence.

At the same time, Chuangshi Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. also invited members of the delegation of Kazakhstan to visit the headquarters of Guangzhou Science City to visit.

Mr. Wang Hongwu, President of Kaiqi Technology Corporation, on behalf of the company on Kazakhstan economic and trade delegation of the arrival of a warm welcome, arranged a meticulous reception work. And solemnly arranged for the delegation of Kazakhstan to visit the creation of science and technology company's production workshop and assembly workshop. Personally led the Kazakhstan economic and trade delegation friends visited the company's assembly workshop. The assembly workshop is an important part of the product manufacturing and assembly, and its production assembly is a dust-free workshop. Production assembly workshop responsible person to Kazakhstan friends show each production line of the process and a detailed explanation.微信图片_20171103104929.jpgAfter understanding, Hashakstein friends to create a technology production workshop point of a big praise, and to create advanced technology and advanced production technology, high on the assembly workshop, rigorous and meticulous operation process appreciated. After the visit, Wang Hongwu, President of Science and Technology Co., Ltd., made a detailed introduction to the current development of the company, and product research and development, and said that the Kazakhstan delegation will work together to create a win-win situation!

After this on-site inspection, not only demonstrated the overall strength of a technology company, but also to Kazakhstan delegation of entrepreneurs and start-up technology companies in the future cooperation is full of confidence. The careful organization of cooperation, a technology companies and Kazakhstan delegation of the enterprises reached a total of 500 million yuan of business cooperation, and signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent.

Kazakhstan economic and trade delegation official said, thanks to "the way along the way" to provide the opportunity to thank the grand invitation of science and technology. After two days of time and start-up technology companies in-depth communication and exchange of technology companies to create a strong manufacturing capacity, research and development capabilities and overseas market development capabilities have a comprehensive and deep understanding of the hope that the basis of cooperation On, can be more to start the company's products into the country, but also in Kazakhstan to promote a good start, hoping to become a company in Kazakhstan's "spokesperson" and the communicator for the two countries to make economic and trade cooperation Own contribution! Also welcomed the creation of the company to Kazakhstan to study investment, Kazakhstan government and people warmly welcome like a technology company that has the strength, quality assurance, a strong R & D and production capacity of companies to invest in Kazakhstan!

Wang Hongwu, president of the founder of technology companies, said that a technology company has always attached great importance to overseas markets. Kazakhstan and China a strip of water, are closely linked, a good basis for cooperation. In the country "along the way all the way," the big strategy driven by a start technology companies will strengthen the technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing technology to enhance and expand, including Kazakhstan, including overseas markets, build high-quality intelligent hardware products, The future of mobile Internet trends in line with the consumer electronics products, started the company's brand, and we work together to create a win-win situation.


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